University sports in the US

Story of university sports in the US

Sports are rooted deep within the American culture, and is at the core of student life at university. In fact, it is so big at certain schools that football teams can gather tens of thousands of fans in their stadium per game. American universities have put together a unique system for athletes. They attribute a certain number of athletic scholarships to teams and athletes, with the numbers and amounts of scholarship money vary by school and sport. Generally, an athlete of regional or national level (depending on the sport) can reasonably pretend to a scholarship that covers the entirety, or a part of: the school fees, housing, food, trainings, sport equipment and gear. We offer to find scholarship in the 24 sports offered by the NCAA (including football, tennis, golf, athletics, volleyball, athletics, swimming, basketball, gymnastics).

Structure of a team in university sports in the US

University teams can count 5 to 20 people staff teams per sport, depending on the sport. Coaches, assistant coaches, doctors, physiotherapists, physical and mental trainers, academic advisors and tutors are all part of the university athletics department. As in professional teams, everything is done to ensure that athletes practice their sport in optimal conditions. It is quite common for teams to practice two times a day during the season. Athletes are fully equipped to represent the university at home, or to travel throughout the United States.

Learn about the divisions

NCAA Division 1

This is the highest university division. There are more than 300 universities in this division which are the most competitive and selective.

NCAA Division 2

The universities in this division are very strong athletically and academically but the schools are smaller and more lenient in their admissions.

NCAA Division 3

The schools in this division tend to be strong academically, but are not as competitive athletically and do not distribute athletic scholarships.

Junior College

These are 2-year universities and deliver a diploma that helps you transfer to a university in the NCAA.


This group is comprised of all other schools of all sizes. The admissions are more accessible.


If you’ve started university in your home country already, you can transfer to a university in the US. Contact us for more information.

Being a student-athlete

A day in the life

Student-athlete schedules differs from normal students, as they have to juggle between classes, personal work, training, and games. Thanks to their status, they have the possibility to choose their classes before the other students in order to organize their schedule according to their sports obligations.

A typical day schedule

A typical day may vary by sport, time of the year, and university: Some sports will require morning sessions, others will focus most of the training in the afternoon:

6:00: morning practice

8:00: breakfast

9:00-13:00: class

13:30: lunch

14:30-17:00: afternoon practice

18:30: dinner

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