The NCAA Men’s Water Polo Championship has existed since the 1969 season. No school from outside the state of California has ever surpassed third place. Hence, no non-California school has ever participated in the NCAA Men’s Water Polo Championship game. It is extremely competitive to compete at NCAA level in Water Polo, therefore a international level is required.

For who?

Be between 18 and 24, so we recommend to start the process the year before graduation from high school.

Which level?

​Scholarship for water polo are quite popular, so from a regional to international level, there are scholarships for you.

When to start?

Coaches are starting to recruit people long in advance, so we recommend you start a year before high school graduation

What type of scholarship?

National and international level water polo players have great chances to get the 100% scholarships.

Training and college life

If you decide to start this experience you will train everyday with the team for 3 to 5 hours a day. Based on the division in which you will compete you may practice both in the pool and in the weight room, around 20 hours per week.

You will train and compete alongside a big group of teammates, and truly feel a part of a big family. The life of a student-athlete is not only training and studying, you will be part of a team and you will participate in many activities with them, creating bonds which will last forever.


Here’s more information about all divisions


Colleges: 37

4.5 Scholarships for men per team

8.0 Scholarships for women per team


Colleges: 12

4.5 Scholarships for men per team

8.0 Scholarships for women per team


Colleges: 2

No scholarship opportunties for men or women


No opportunities for men and women

Get started

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