If you are looking for scholarships to pursue your volleyball career, this is the right place for you. You might be able to join a team in one of the best universities in the USA. If you wish, a select few schools have beach volleyball teams and give the possibility to play on their team or after the main volleyball season has ended.
To be able to compete in the collegiate league, you will need to be between 18 and 24, so we recommend to start the process a year before your graduation from high school. Lately, many coaches are starting to recruit people in advance, so it’s easier for them to establish good relations before the arrival and they use this time to evaluate the potential of the athletes as well.

For who?

Be between 18 and 24, so we recommend to start the process the year before graduation from high school.

Which level?

​Scholarship for volleyball are quite popular, so from a regional to international level, there are scholarships for you.

When to start?

Coaches are starting to recruit people long in advance, so we recommend you start a year before high school graduation

What type of scholarship?

Regional to international level volleyball players have good chances to get scholarships.

Training and college life

If you decide to start this experience, you will usually train everyday with the team, based on the Division in which you will compete you might be asked for more practices to focus both on your volleyball skills and strength and conditioning trainings in the weight room. At beginning you may be not use to this kind of practice, but it’s just a matter of time and you will then see the results!

Usually schools offer many services which will help you and assist you during your season, you will have all you need to perform as your best and beyond.
The life of a student-athlete is not only training and studying, you will be part of a team and you will participate in many activities with them, creating bonds which will last forever.

Prerequisites for a volleyball scholarship

University volleyball scholarships are numerous. For the best players, the chances of getting a full sports scholarship (100%) are very high.

In order to increase your chances of obtaining a high percentage of scholarship, it is advised to participate in tournaments and competitions (championship) throughout the year so that your profile is more attractive and attracts coaches. This will obviously increase your performance and your level of play and thus your chance to apply for a full scholarship.

A player’s level (national or regional) is not the only factor that will influence your purse percentage. We also take into account your recent injuries and your sporting past. Very often, the athletic potential of the athlete is an important aspect and the coaches know from experience that even an athlete with a medium level can progress very quickly with intensive training methods. Regardless, we promote your image with coaches by showing a highlight video that will be the first image the coach will have of you.

For the chance to get a volleyball sports scholarship, please fill out our contact form so that we can follow up on your project to combine volleyball and study in the USA. After studying your file, our team will be able to give you an estimate of scholarship opportunities.


Here’s more information about all divisions


Colleges: 331

4.5 Scholarships for men per team

12.0 Scholarships for women per team


Colleges: 289

4.5 Scholarships for men per team

8.0 Scholarships for women per team


Colleges: 225

8.0 Scholarships for men per team

8.0 Scholarships for women per team


Colleges: 302

No scholarship allowances for men and women

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